More present with your kids at school pick ups

If you are a parent you can probably identify with the feeling of rushing to pick up your kids in a hurry. Probably at time still thinking about things that you will do later.

When they come to your car, how is that conversation for you? Do you enjoy it, are you able to stay present? Or is your mind answering emails, thinking about what to get for dinner, what after school activities are next?

Making it intentional


How would that pick-up be, if you would consciously make an intention? For example something like: that you want to be present, kind and curious with your kids?

As parents we go through the day through many different encounters and demands. When it comes to time to pick up our children our body and mind can already be stressed out by other events that happen before the pick up. Thus our ability to stay present with our children is limited to the mechanic question: how was school today?

My experience


I had a period when I made an intention to pick up my kids in a present, alert state of being. 

I would also  use 5 min shift and reset quick coherence technique.

the result: more at peace with what comes, less reactive, less interogative and in general better quality of presence.

Quick coherence technique


So what is 5 min shift and reset quick coherence technique? Hearthmath institute is a leading authority that has done extensive research on topic of the role of heart coherence. They have introduced quick coherence as one of the tools to cultivate it.

This is how you can do it:

Step 1) Focus your attention in the area of the heart.

Step 2) Imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart or chest area, breathing a little slower and deeper than usual.

Suggestion: Inhale to the count of 5, exhale to the count of 5

Step 3) Activate and experience a regenerative feeling such as appreciation or care for someone or something in your life, or something that you feel grateful for what has already happened before in your day.

So maybe if you are a parent and you are picking up your kids today, maybe this is an idea… an inspiration to make an intention how you want to be and then do a 5 min quick coherence technique to shift and reset before.

If you want to learn more about cultivating your heart coherence, check the 9 steps to inner peace program.