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In the heartcentered space you will find your Inner Peace

This is for all who are longing for more inner peace, contentment, alignment and heartcentered life.
If you experience worry and anger often and you would like to feel more peaceful inside, this is for you.

Less inner conflict and feeling like something is wrong, not right, that your reality right now is not how it should be.

Less unspoken truths and holding yourself back and then being resentful. Less noticing you are feeling one thing and saying something else, doing something third.

Less hurtful comparison with others and feeling unworthy.

When you decide to follow the 9 Steps to Inner Peace program you can move out of the chains of dissatisfaction.

You can start living your life intentionally and learn to cultivate your unique true self, bringing more awareness to knowing yourself and developing a skilful way of relating to others.

I used to feel the inner conflict with and beat myself down, push myself to do things my heart or body, soul actually didn’t want to do, distract myself with other things instead of sitting intimately with my thoughts and feelings with compassion and patience long enough that I would understand myself more. 

I have noticed how much my own judgements of myself and others create a feeling of separation and the hurt and anger that it brings. For a long time I didn’t even recognize that If I wouldn’t try to please or feel guilt or shame,  I would make different choices. More soul aligned, less approval looking. I am learning and continuously coming back to the intention  to keep my heart open  in relationships with self and others no matter what.

I used  Enneagram as one of the approach and symbol to become more aware of what motivates me, what triggers me. 

Through workshops, writing, singing, mindfulness meditation RAIN, I have been deepening my feeling of self worth, self- compassion. 

I have changed my attitude to self-care, so that it became heart-centered and based on self-love. 

Daily mindfulness meditation brought in more grounded presence and clarity. 

Daily heartmath/heart connection practice deepened the connection with my heart

I have incorporated practices for myself that connect me with the body and breath and present moment. Like mindful movement, growing sprouts at home, walking meditation. It took time, but letting this evolve more organically with deep trust in my path, after many intentions, the shift came to a more heartcentered living. 

I became more resilient, my mind is clearer,  there is more self love, patience

I am more clear about my healthy boundaries. 

My thoughts, feelings and actions are more aligned

I feel more confidence, steadiness, as well as peace. 

There are more genuine heartcentered relations with others. 

Less experience of feeling more or less than. 

I have shifted my way of being and my Life and I believe that so can you. If you are truly willing to commit to it and dedicate yourself to practice and observing, journaling, experiencing and noticing. 

Let me share with you how to get to a space of feeling more at peace with yourself, less inner conflict, more connected with other people and  move from feeling unheard and resentful to being acknowledged.


9 Steps Logo-01

A yearlong  one-on-one coaching/mentoring program that will help bring you to a space of inner peace through intentional heart-based living

What you will learn:

To prioritize your needs and learn how to relate and support others from a healthy and fulfilled, heartcentered space within.

What motivates and what triggers you.

Learn about emotions and their meaning for you.

Learn to differentiate between emotions and feelings.

How to nurture the connection with your heart.

How to develop a loving relationship to your body.

What nourishment of your body means.

How to work with your thoughts.

How to be able to skillfully respond to what comes in your life.

How to communicate with others and make agreements.

How to grow in your awareness and presence with incorporating mindfulness meditation practice.

Learn about self- compassion and self- forgiveness and forgiveness to others.

What results to expect:

If you will commit to practice, intentions and following through, you will:

become more resilient;

improve your intuition;

become more present and focused;

be less reactive, more able to respond;

show more compassion towards yourself and others;

experience more authentic power;

feel massive imrpovements in your confidence.

This one-on-one program includes:

1 x 90 min opening session.

1 x 90 min Enneagram report and unraveling session.

9 x 60 min one-on-one coaching sessions, consisting of:
• 3x 60 min sessions on prioritizing your needs: reconnecting with body and breath
• 3x 60 min sessions on Allowing your wants: reconnecting with heart and practicing mindfulness of thoughts
• 3x 60 min sessions on Taking responsibility: becoming your own authority and communication with others

Follow ups and resources after every session.

1 x 60 min celebratory session at the end of the 12 months to review your progress.

3 accompanying workbooks.

3 main breathing exercises video.

Recording of guided daily central mindfulness meditation.

Reading resources.

Recording of guided daily heart meditation.

Payment Options


Most committed

4 payments of

375 EUR

One before the start of the program, other payments spread quarterly.

1 payment of

1150 EUR

Paid on joining.

Click the button to book a call and get started on your journey to Inner Peace.

Payment Options


4 payments of

375 EUR

One before the start of the program, other payments spread quarterly.

Most committed

1 payment of

1150 EUR

Paid on joining.

Click the button to book a call and get started on your journey to Inner Peace.

100% accredited with IAPC&M
Accredited HeartMath Coach
Accredited Enneagram Coach
Accredited Hippocrates Lifestyle Mentor

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