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Your support on the journey to more inner peace

Hi, I am Barbara Cukjati

I am an internationally accredited life coach, with over 15 years of experience in coaching and commitment to personal growth and becoming more conscious/ awake.

I was drawn to life-coaching because of my love for creativity and change.

When I first discovered coaching as a profession, it seemed like a dream come true being able to dedicate yourself fully to personal growth, transformation, and learning about human nature. I simply love the excitement that comes with the discovery of every person’s unique life journey.

I have always been passionate about healthy lifestyle, movement, music, learning, nature, nurture, animals, spending time in deep honest conversation, which have been part of my life since childhood. I practice mindfulness and compassionate care, and these practices have helped many of my clients over the years.

A mother of two creative boys, wife of a strong-willed, successful entrepreneur, a love my family, being a mom and growing in a relationship together with my husband. It’s a magical adventure of learning to be with all together: love, conflict, communication, judgements around parenting.

When i discovered and went through the Hippocrates lifestyle transformation program i have embraced a plant based lifestyle. It helped me a lot to heal the inflammation in my body and get my mind cleared and body more grounded.

When i discovered Bars and did it with my family first i noticed it helps the connection, the stress release in the family.

Nowadays I am exploring all i have learned to support body, mind, soul and communication with others for optimal alignment.

100% accredited with IAPC&M
IAPCM Accredited
Accredited HeartMath Coach
Accredited Enneagram Coach
Accredited Lifestyle Medicine Mentor

cultivating inner peace

Definition of success: more inner peace and harmony

After graduating from university, I started my career in Marketing and became eager to embody the successful business person stereotype. I became focused on goals, achievements, discipline and getting things done.

Since leaving the corporate world and moving to Cape Town in 2011, I have learnt a great deal about who I am, and have been able to differentiate who I am from what I do. I am learning how to balance being and doing, head and heart. This is a central theme for a lot of my clients who are looking for ways to integrate and balance personal and career goals, to achieve a sustainable work-life balance.

I have learned to define my own version of success, that includes what balance and ease mean for me. With a variety of learned and experienced approaches, I can help each client on their way to a inner peace and content life. 


A Passion for Care and Sustainability

What does it take to establish a good relationship with self and how does that result in more Harmony and Peace?

In person and online sessions

If you are in Cape Town, then you might benefit more from in person session and sometimes it is more convenient to stay in touch online.

What can you expect in a HeartCoaching space?

  • Compassionate care
  • A holistic approach, drawing knowledge from multiple disciplines
  • Knowledge and Intuition

Can you find yourself in this?

  • I want  to focus on my physical and emotional wellbeing
  • I had/ have a health issue and I am ready to explore additional approach to medicine that includes change in lifestyle and attitude toward self
  • I am ok with an intuitive approach, and some mystery alongside structure

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