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Your Journey to Wellbeing

Heart Coach Inner Peace (4)

The 9 Steps to Inner Peace

In the heartcentered space you will find your Inner Peace.


Group Perspectives

Monthly group where we grow by discussing, listening, opening.

What My Clients Have to Say

Renewed, light and more balanced
“Barbara is a warm, caring, generous, positive and knowledgeable coach. She guided me with compassion, clarity, patience and expertise through her 7-day body cleanse program which helped me to reset myself and have more energy throughout the day. I enjoyed her whole-person approach that included gut, liver, kidneys, skin, and even emotional detox and cleanse. As a result, I feel renewed, light and more balanced. I can wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to live a healthier and more sustainable life.”
Maja Stanic Bibic
Guide one towards exploring what is really going on deeper within them
“I attended 6 sessions of HeartMath with Barbara Cukjati, and was really impressed with her fresh approach. She was very professional and made me feel comfortable and at ease, in a very neutral, well balanced environment. The approach of learning to control one's breathing to bring about better control of your emotions and wellbeing, by bringing your heart rhythm under control, is a very useful and helpful tool to acquire. I am very grateful for what I gained from my sessions with her, and also rate her highly as a good listener and someone able to guide one towards exploring what is really going on deeper within them.”
Eleni Ratheb
Remarkable milestone on my journey of enthusiastic visionary
“The Enneagram analysis was already a remarkable discovery for me, and Barbara's interpretation and her heart's orientations gave this analysis additional depth. Engaging with her was a remarkable milestone on my journey of enthusiastic visionary.”
Sonja Klopcic, author of AEIOU Leadership and Travelling on the wave of consciousness

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