Choose what you love

Choose what you love

This is a poem that I share with my clients as a simple example of how we can find something about our body that we love and appreciate. Often I hear women pick up and focus on the parts of their body that they don’t like or they would change and fix. This is an invitation  to find and focus on the positive at least as equally as our mind can be pulled into negative. 

Choose what you love

I love my hands, the elegance, how they feel and how they look when they are touching clay, most of all from my body, I love my hands. 

I love my limbs, they are long and athletic. 

I love the soles of my feet. 

I love my ribs and how they expand. 

I love my liver and kidneys. 

I love the inner perfection of aligned working together. 

I love my honesty and willingness to learn. 

I love my heart and willingness to look into it, even though I often feel afraid and confused. 

And sometimes I just feel oh my not again, why do I want to look into how I feel time and time again. I rebel. 

Then reminding myself to stay with, look deeper, see more. (B.Cukjati)