What would bring more peace to me right now?

Living in the moment, Jason Mraz

I was in meditation the other day on the theme of peace and I inquired what would bring more peace to me right now…

Because of focusing on forgiveness this month with mindfulness meditation teacher trainer, one part of getting and insight into peace was through the process of forgiveness.


Forgiving myself for how I have hurt myself and bring hurt to others,

Forgiving others how they hurt me.


Accepting that it is part of human that we knowingly or unknowingly hurt eachother or have done so in the past.


Being patient with myself because forgiveness takes time and needs deep healing.


Finding peace in the moment, true peace, without spiritual bypass, requires sitting with all that is. Tending to our emotions and feelings, thoughts (I would use RAIN for that practice)


We can find that feeling of peace whenever we take a moment and intentionally get in touch with all in us.


We cannot attain a feeling of peace in moments of depletion. Lama Rod Owens says in relation to forgiveness: we need to be grounded, have a feeling of being supported, a feeling of being connected to a community, then we have healed enough to start forgiving to others. Adding to this we also need to understand the common humanity in all of us.  Then there we can have reach a place of more peace within us.

My choice of song for this month.. connected to mindfulness of thoughts and topic of forgiveness is Living in the moment by Jason Mraz. 

“I’m letting myself off the hook for things I’ve doneI let my past go pastAnd now I’m having more funI’m letting go of the thoughtsThat do not make me strongAnd I believe this way can be the same for everyone”