Everything in me is calling red today

It’s December and around Christmas. In our house a joyful feeling with silver, golden, red and magenta decorations. It’s a celebration of Life. Inspired by color red, i am choosing to share a poem that is celebrating red and feminine that I have written onĀ  a different occasion, but why not share it here.

Everything in me is calling red today,

Red on the inside

Red on the outside

The woman in red,

In my blood,

And blood that is cleaning out of me,

Polished on my nails,

Covering my feet,

Red earrings

As if red passionate whisper is what I want to hear.

Wearing a bracelet on my hand

With a heart and a tree

one of your many loving gifts,

Takes me to my mother and father,

My ancestors,

And to my Mother, Earth mother.

and then to my Father,

in the heart there was me, there is me,

their creation.

Through the heart I am connected back to them

And through my roots of the tree I connect back to Slovenia,

My bloodline.

Everything in me calls today Strength,

May it be gentle determination

In me and not a pushing force.

May it be joy and not manipulated seduction

May it be just red.

I call upon you Red.

The heart. My life.

The invitation of the heart that guides me home.