Exploring mindfulness: navigating emotions and feeling with poetry

Exploring Mindfulness: Navigating Emotions and Feelings Through Poetry

This week’s theme is linked to feelings and emotions. The mindfulness of emotions and feelings is one of the foundations of mindfulness practice, therefore one of the essential practices and talks. Working with emotions and feelings requires patience and fine tuning into realizing what is a clean feeling, what is interpretation, what is emotion – reaction to something and what is that saying to us, what are we doing with it.

In relation to this topic I am sharing this month one of the past observations and writings with respect to a strong feeling or emotion and how does it feel to be with it.



Slowly I have learned

That this what I feel

is not the whole of me.

A part that in that moment took over the rest

So strong that all other parts

Hid away behind the bushes and the rocks

Timidly observed this giant

Taking over the stage,

Forgetting it is not alone.

 Even my soul in the moment of this coup

Could buy into this illusion

And forget that what is looking at Is just a finger on the hand,

Pointing so vigorously that It feels like sea sick with gaze caught up in mesmerizing movement.

 You are an important finger, and so is the one next to you.

With deep breath I land back in my heart, my center,

With another I stand in the middle of my head,

I hold the third to notice more.

 Soon there is much more to see,

In my humbleness I smile to the change.


The wind blows, the silence comes

It’s gone a moment later.

Did you catch it? Did you hold it? Did you let it go?