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Create more space for trust and be free

There are couple of great journals out there that can support your personal growth. My favorite journaling experiences were: Brene Brown, The gift of imperfection,  and Glennon Doyle Untamed.  

In my experience finding a good friend with whom you can share a journey can be a fun way that also supports you to express in words and have inner discipline to gain clarity. When you get together for sharing, either on a walk or coffee, lunch, this becomes a nice social activity, where you also have a safe space to be listened to and for you to listen to another person and through listening other perspective widen yours.

Currently I am with Michael Singer’s Untethered soul, Practices to journey beyond yourself,  and my journaling partner is a fellow coach and a close friend.

Compared to the other experience this journey includes a lot of mindfulness practices (which I can recognize from the course for Mindfulness meditation teachers) and a bit less artistic then the previous two. Saying that though I still need to remind myself how actually mindful practices bring me to a present moment, to connection with my body and breath, how I do manage to become aware more what is a thought and how to come into the stillness of my being. It is there I find more peace, love and freedom. This can sound a bit like a hippy, at least that is my judgement. However with being grounded in everyday life, family, work and practices this becomes more a way of inner being with a lot of sober seeing the truth, the mix of feelings and emotions and the ability to skillfully hold it  all.

I am choosing one part from the Journaling practices that I find useful (M.Singer, p. 160)

“You think about your psychological well-being all the time. That constant, anxious inner talk is a form of suffering.

 Have you noticed how many personal thoughts are going on all the time. The next time you notice fearful thoughts, pause for a moment. Ask yourself if you want to be that person or do you want to be free?”

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