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Throughout history, people believed into intuitive heart. It would be your inner compass, your guide, connection to soul and wisdom.

Do you believe that your heart can be your source of wisdom and guidance? Truly? 100%?

If you say I believe that the heart is your connection to your soul,

do you take a responsibility to cultivate heart coherence

Do you intentionally tap into heart wisdom?  

Take a pause to ask a question and wait for a response?

How do you recognize what is your heart’s guidance?

This is a little peak into what you can do to cultivate heart coherence and your connection to your heart.

Gaining certainty about importance of heart coherence:

First some evidence that helps your brain to understand and thus become more certain about the role of the heart.

Rollin McCraty has done many studies and talks on the role of the heart. In this sharing I am referring and citing an article Intuitive Intelligence, self regulation and lifting consciousness, 2014, Global adv Health Med., coauthored with Maria Zayas). I would also invite you to take a look at the video: Beyond Logic: Exploring the Science of Intuition and the Heart’s Pivotal Role

Physical heart and energetic heart

Physical heart is coupled to a field of information that goes beyond limits of time and space. A study showed that the heart receives and processes information about a future event before the event actually happens. In the research this was established by measuring the heart’s response to upcoming images before they were seen. (source: Electrophysiological Evidence of Intuition: Part 1,2.A System-Wide Process, THE JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE,  ROLLIN MCCRATY, Ph.D.,1 MIKE ATKINSON,1 and RAYMOND TREVOR BRADLEY, Ph.D)

When we use the term intuitive heart or heart intelligence this refers to energetic heart. Sometimes this is called “higher self”, “higher capacities”.  David Bohm called it our implicate order and undivided wholeness. 

Higher capacities

Why this is called higher capacities? Mostly if we operate in a reactive space in taking action, or speech, we are staying within the known, but rather limited space, moving towards something, moving away from something, using different strategies to get safety, approval, pleasure. Our decisions can be based on fear and avoidance, making ourselves smaller, following other people’s opinion and influences.

Taking responsibility to step into your heart opens the door to choice and more options, higher capacity and expansion.

Ongoing practice of coherence building techniques:

Heartmath studies prove that the ongoing practice of coherence-building techniques facilitates a re-patterning process in the neural architecture . With practice coherence is established as a new, baseline reference memory. Self-regulation of emotions and stress responses then becomes increasingly familiar.  This makes it easier for individuals to maintain their “center” and increase their mental and emotional flexibility and capacity to access all three types of intuition. (implicit, energetic, non local) . With this we built our capacity for conscious decision making.

If your intention is to tap into your intuitive heart more, I would suggest also regular practice of RAIN or Inner bonding process.

One of the techniques:

Intention: to strengthen intuitive connection through heart


Step 1: become aware of a life issue or challenge that you are experiencing that would benefit from intuitive guidance


Step 2: while focusing your attention on the area of the heart imagine breathing in a feeling of ease and balance


Step 3: maintain inner ease and ask you HEART for deeper understanding or guidance


Step 4: observe new insights that may arise. It can be today or tomorrow…

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