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by Pink

Last week we dedicated to explore the topic of emotions, feelings, interpretations and integrity with the AEIOU Breakhtrough women group.

Beyond all specific names a lot of our live is driven by fear and protection, some from love.

Fear and protection are emotions: doubt, anger, control, pride, envy.

Love is joy, peace, content, happy, wonder, bliss.

In this life it is part of us to feel fear. Sometimes it is there with a good reason and really save’s our life, sometimes it keeps us in the cage of familiar and away from freedom.

My aspiration would be to recognize the fear, so that I can make a conscious choice to live a soul aligned life. To recognize the saboteur that shows up in the name of fear and protection. So eloquent, so wise, so persuasive. In Buddhist term my aspiration would be to say “I see you Mara” and have the patience and self compassion to sit down with it with the intention of making a choice. And sometimes when we recognize that we have been holding on to something old because of a feeling of security,  the choice might be to let go of that, recognize the fear behind holding on, and taking a Trustfall.

From Pink’s Lyrics:

“Go where love is on our sideIt’s a trust fall, babyIt’s a trust fall, baby”

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