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One of the continuous workshops I attend annually is In Pursuit of Authentic Self.

When i started this work i thought, why would one do a workshop with same title every year?

But in consistency, there is growth and taking note of growth.

We are changing all the time, evolving doesn’t stop.  There is shedding off the limitations and gaining inner power in being more of yourself. Knowing yourself and loving yourself more with all there is.

On one occasion on this growth I have written this poem. Pls read it in a way of understanding that this doesn’t mean “here brilliant, done that” it means what i was able to process heal, i have integrated and then continue.


What is on the surface and what is in the depth

Become one

Integrated in all of me.

What is it the parts that I am leaving out

Like someone drawing a self portrait

And doesn’t notice he didn’t draw his ears

Or neck or brows

What I am not noticing that I am leaving

Which part of me,

Has vowed to burry so deep that I forgot it
ever existed?

Whenever there is a burial

There is a leaving behind

There is a sorrow of aolean scale

“You” brings in the myxolidian scale, the

The new soul, reborn, integrated in true

Seeing myself wholly.

Old stories let go

Let me see new world and new me in it.


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