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This poem was written as an intention and promise how to form healthy,  joyful and inspiring collaborations in the future.

I am enough and I would like that we do this together.

I promise you to be transparent, when I feel my  is being jealous.  Maybe that has already healed enough.

I promise I will tell you,

when I notice the raising of wanting more too much.

I promise I will share the joy and happiness

I will share my shadow side with the greatest ability of my awareness and

I will share my light, love and joy.

I am enough to bring peace within me

 I will know I am at peace when the intention to maintain peace is big enough to give way to transparency, acknowledgement so that collaboration in flow can happen.

A collaboration where we inspire and support eachother  to be our best and work in synergy and trust.

 (B.C. may 2017)


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