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I wrote this poem in 2021. A year that a group that I am part of, AEIOU Leadership, named as a Year of Ubuntu.

The poem is a combination of tapping into spirit of Ubuntu, the 9 perspectives of Enneagram, the Love for self when you are noticing your shadow part and blind spots. It is an acknowledgment of all of me and all of us. It is an invitation to inquiry of the expression of the Heart in a unique way of every being.

It was published in Slovenian language in a book Riding on Waves of Consciousness by Sonja Klopcic, who is the author of the book and AEIOU leadership concept.

Recognition of humanity within you through compassion
Giving myself permission to be human with flaws
And yet in every moment committing myself to choose from my highest not only for my benefit
But for the benefit of all and not the expense of myself
For if I am the only one standing on the Earth at the end
What am I to do
If many of the 9 faces I hold
Are making this life and relations what it is
Who can I give if there is no one else to give to?
With whom can I compete if there is no one to compete but myself?
Whom can I control if there is just me to control?

I want to celebrate the beauty of your being,
Of my being,
The wonderfulness of being alive, now, together. 

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